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Reviews for Pain Free Move Well

Lynnwood Chiropractor Patient ReviewsAt Pain Free Move Well we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through treatment with our caring team.

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Informative And Positive Experience

Dr. Groves is a professional, knowledgeable, and very caring person. My initial consultation with Dr. Groves was both informative and a positive experience. The staff are warm and welcoming. My initial concern was a shoulder injury, which is no longer an issue. I’m continuing wellness care to maintain my overall health (chiropractic and massage therapy). I highly recommend this clinic; you’ll be in great hands at Pain Free Move Well.

-Emma E.

A Patient for Life

I’ve been a client since it was Johnston Chiropractic, and the ownership change only resulted in superior care. Owner Dr. Michael Groves is an amazing chiropractor with a great bedside manner. He uses a great system of techniques to get you back in line.

I really appreciate that his willingness to manually adjust my back and neck. I’m not the easiest of patients and his methods have helped me feel better than I have in years. Dr Groves has helped me through elbow pain, back pain, knee and foot pain, and he even has a few massage therapists on hand.

Reasonable prices, amazing results, caring chiropractics.

Patient for life,

– Madison M.

Instantly Made Me Feel Better

I was bending over at work trying to open a cabinet drawer that was stuck. I got it open but felt a little pull in my lower back. It didn’t hurt so I went about my work. Over the next couple of days it got so bad I felt I was going to throw up. I never knew back pain could affect you that way. I was extremely nauseous and my back was hurting badly. I was able to see Dr. Groves right away and whatever he did when he worked on my neck and back instantly made me feel better. The nausea went away and within a couple of days there was no more pain.

Thank you Dr. Groves!

– Barbara H.

I Am Completely Amazed

For 15-17 years, I’ve had a constant knowing pain at the base of my neck. At times, the severe pain would radiate up and down under my shoulder blade. Dr. Groves has been working on this. It is better now than at any time in the past 15-17 years. I am completely amazed! Several doctors (and chiropractors) have tried to relieve this pain without this much success. Besides the regular adjustments, Dr. Groves has a technique of gently stretching & massaging the muscles and I think that this must have been the difference in my treatment success.

– Kenneth S.

Quickest Response Time

I came in with extreme hip and knee pain. Nearly unable to walk without a knee brace. After one visit/adjustment I am pain free and walk with ease without brace or pain meds. After the second visit I have all range of motion back and feel able to walk normally as before. This has been an experience I will use to compare to all others as the best, most helpful and by far the quickest response time for the pain I felt.

– Terri S.

Back to Full Mobility

I came in with a shoulder injury that caused me to barely be able to lift my arm. After seeing Dr. Groves I’m now back to full mobility with my shoulder and the pain is completely gone.

– Taylor L.

Lifestyle Improvement

My first chiropractic experience may certainly be called a success! I came in with a “knot” in my lower back on the left side which occasionally flared up and made life very uncomfortable for hours at a time. After four visits my back feels better than it has for years! I found the entire experience a very cost effective lifestyle improvement.

– James D.

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