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Massage Therapy for Lynnwood

Lynnwood Chiropractor Massage Therapy

We’ll use the massage technique that best suits your condition

Massage therapy is a natural, hands-on approach to relieving muscle tension and pain relief in soft tissues. When combined with chiropractic care, massage therapy will help you achieve pain relief, relaxation and a speedy recovery. Whether or not you’re a chiropractic patient at Pain Free Move Well, we invite you to experience the many benefits of relaxing, healing massage therapy!

For Everyday Stress and Painful Injuries

Do you work at a desk, like so many people today do? Your computer posture takes a toll on your health. Massage therapy can help combat the harmful postures we’re forced into. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, workplace mishap or sports injury, massage therapy can help break up the scar tissue in your body so it can heal properly.

Even patients who see us on a wellness basis enjoy regular massage therapy so that their body continues to function well. You’ll find that you’re less stiff and can sit for longer periods with the help of regular massages.

Our licensed massage therapist Lil is well-versed in Swedish and deep tissue massage and will use the techniques that best suit your condition.

Schedule a time for relaxation and healing. Contact us today to book your massage appointment!

Lynnwood Massage Therapy
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