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Meet Dr. Michael Groves

An Elbow Injury Led to Chiropractic

Lynnwood Chiropractor Dr. Michael Groves

Dr. Michael Groves

I was attending school at Western Washington University when I had my first encounter with chiropractic. A struggle with elbow pain led me to have my first adjustment. My elbow movement was immediately improved. It surprised me that one adjustment could be that powerful! I saw the chiropractor periodically from that point on. It made a big difference in martial arts and lifting weights, two of my main hobbies at the time.

Chiropractic helped me to perform better and be more active. I loved the physical and holistic aspect, looking at the body as a whole instead of examining its separate parts.

Helping You Move Better

Dr. Groves attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Since his graduation, he has continued to learn how to offer his patients the best health care possible and improve their ability to function. He has received expert training in using the technologically advanced Impulse(R) adjusting instrument.

Dr. Groves is also trained in performing Specific Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). The training allows him to examine a patient’s movement to understand the cause of their issue and how best to approach a correction.

Chiropractic increases your ability to perform in day-to-day functions.

Providing Healing for the Lynnwood Community and Beyond

Dr. Groves has traveled to India in participation with a Clinic Abroad program that brought him to New Delhi and Mumbai, providing chiropractic care to underserved communities. ”This experience provided me with an opportunity to attend to a variety of complex injuries while serving a diverse population. It broadened my prospective in term of health policy, practice, and access in other countries.”

In 2011, Dr. Groves worked with military veterans coping with such issues as chronic pain. For his work, he was given the Outstanding Service Award for providing healing and care for veterans. Additionally, he is a member of the Everest Group, where chiropractors with similar goals and ideas collaborate to strengthen their profession and their individual skills.

Staying Healthy and Active

Outside of the office, Dr. Groves like to stay active. He attends yoga classes, lifts weights, and goes hiking. He has a strong interest in health and nutrition and enjoys creating healthy, nutrient-dense meals for his family. Dr. Groves believes that chiropractic care combined with healthy life choices results in less pain, greater function and an overall better quality of life.

Dr. Groves is an advocate of proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, and healthy sleep and work patterns. His primary goal is to help you decrease pain while increasing mobility to improve your daily function.

Dr. Groves creates care plans that are personalized to each individual. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation or just walk in!

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