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Auto Accidents in Lynnwood

Lynnwood Chiropractor Auto Accident Injury

We’re here to help you on your road to recovery

If you’ve been in an accident, you understand the trauma the body goes through. Even the smallest of fender benders can make the spine move in an abnormal motion, which may result in whiplash. You might experience torn muscles, injured joints or a buildup of scar tissue, inhibiting motion to the spine and decreasing your mobility.

Don’t Wait for the Pain to Set In

One of the greatest dangers car accident victims face is thinking that they feel fine afterward. Although most persons involved in motor vehicle accidents recover quickly, it is estimated that between 4% and 42% of patients report symptoms several years later (Eck, Hodges, & Humphreys, 2001).

It may take weeks to feel pain from an accident, but you can end up with chronic pain for the rest of your life if your structure isn’t examined by an expert in spinal biomechanics. When your spine stops functioning correctly, it affects the nerves that come out through the spine.

Move Better to Live Better

Chiropractic allows your spine to mobilize so that your body can heal effectively. We’ll break up any scar tissue, establishing normal joint motion so that you don’t experience chronic pain and other problems further down the road.

The symptoms many people experience after a car accident include

  • Head, neck or back pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Stiffness in neck, back or extremities
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Vertigo or dizziness

Starting Post-accident Chiropractic Care

When you arrive at Pain Free Move Well, Dr. Groves will perform a thorough analysis of your state of health. If necessary, we’ll recommend that you have X-rays taken so we can further understand which parts of your spine aren’t moving and need to be addressed.

Please be sure to bring your insurance card in with you so that our front desk staff can verify your coverage. We’ll give you a full picture of what is covered, what isn’t and how many visits your insurance plan allows.

If you need massage therapy, spinal rehabilitation or the help of another specialist such as an orthopedist, Dr. Groves will make this a part of your customized plan to regain your health.

You deserve to have a health care plan tailored to your needs. Contact our office today to schedule your first appointment!

Lynnwood Auto Accident Injury Care
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